On This Occasion,
Curiosity Rewarded The Cat.

On This Occasion,
Curiosity Rewarded The Cat.

Also, Fancy Endless Credit?

Give your friends £10 OFF on their first order and get £10 credit on your Weezy account every time a new friend places their first order.

1. Your personal referral code can be found under the Refer & Earn section in the app.

2. Share it with as many friends as you wish.

3.  The code gives them £10 off their first order

4. For each friend that orders, £10 credit will be waiting for you at checkout. 

5. Enjoy & repeat!

    Why Weezy?

    At Weezy, we believe there’s a better way to shop. One that allows you to live life your way and on your terms. So break free from the shopping list. Kick back and do you. Order from us and before you kno…Ding Dong.

    Our local stores have everything you need. From fresh fruit and veg, to local meat and dairy. Your favourite sweets and snacks, to a tipple (or two) of your choice. With 2,000 products to choose from, expertly curated and delivered in an instant.

    We believe that the best customer service starts from within. Our team of riders are much more than just riders. They love to get to know you and we make sure that they’re a friendly face you can open the door to… even in your pyjamas!