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A supermarket
that delivers
in 15 minutes.
That’s right.

Demand for Weezy has been very high. Sign-up now to claim your free membership and get access to Weezy sooner.

Why you’ll love it

Order in Seconds

Your favourite staples, snacks, drinks and more, one tap away. Easily browse the aisles from your home or office.

Retail Prices

No middleman involved. We own small local warehouses so we can buy in bulk and deliver to you more affordably.

Delivered in Minutes

Once ordered, we won’t keep you waiting. We get your products to you in 15 minutes on average. No one is quicker.

Products that delight

Curated Groceries
and Essentials

Top-up your fridge with the products you love, treat yourself with everyday indulgence or have your urgent toiletries and household essential delivered.

Fresh Produce
and Bakery

We stock-up on curated fresh products like fruits veg and bakery daily, so you know it’s always as fresh as it can be when it hits your doorstep.

Always Something New on Offer

Throw in some variation in your grocery order. We’ll inspire you with new products, deals and offers. A refreshing experience.

I used to carry heavy bags or was held hostage by a delivery slot.
With Weezy I order when I am home,
it only takes 15 odd minutes.



Weezy is registered in the limited group Weezy Group Ltd in England and Wales (No. 12229458).

© 2020 Weezy Group Ltd


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