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We're Weezy - a revolutionary grocery service that delivers quality products in minutes. With 2000+ carefully curated products, we've got everything you need: from bananas to baby food, to biscuits and bubbly.

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Quality Local Groceries

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You Want Peas,
But It’s Pouring Down.
It’ll Probably
Take Longer
To Drink
Than Deliver
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Chateauneuf Du Pape And Haribo

The Weezy Way

Local Produce,
Everyday Favourites.

All sustainably delivered on electric vehicles.

Happy Riders,
Happy Customers.

Our riders are more than just riders. We’re anti gig-economy, always.

Convenience Just
Got More Convenient

Order from us and before you kno… *Ding Dong*.

The Weezy Way

“To be able to deliver supermarket-quality food within minutes is very enticing. "If you suddenly need a lemon, because you've run out and you've got people coming for dinner, you can do that.”

“Weezy is seriously impressive. If you wanted to pick up the same selection of items in Brighton you’d need to visit at least three different stores, if not more, and it would take about an hour on foot to collect it all.”

“I tried out all the apps available in my neighbourhood and Weezy arrived within 11 minutes, using friendly riders on e-bikes, who supplied me with some essentials as well as an evening meal for my wife and me…that was better quality and faster than if I had walked to my nearest supermarket.”

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